Legal Nurse Consultants… Put them into action

A legal nurse consultant (LNC) is a subject matter authority on nursing and healthcare matters much like how an attorney is an expert in legal matters. They are state licensed, detail-oriented healthcare professionals, working on behalf of the litigation team.  

Legal nurse consultants apply their knowledge, education, and clinical training to medical legal cases. Supreme is their ability to interpret medical records. Using their nursing knowledge, LNCs can quickly evaluate medical records and distill them into comprehensive summaries, or chronologies. Their attorney clients can then quickly read, understand, and put them into action. 

The primary role of LNCs involves the identifying, analyzing, and evaluating medical records while providing their professional opinions regarding health issues in medical legal cases. This field of study is composed of evaluating the standards of care, causality, and other medically related issues through the examination of medical records, healthcare literature, and legal documents. Their expertise extends to multiple topics, including: long-term care, medical malpractice, personal injury, worker’s compensation, and mass-tort litigation.  

Legal nurse consultants will also be able to establish a chronology or summary of medical records, and prepare evidence for trial. Additionally, they act as a liaison between the attorney, the healthcare provider, and medical experts. In brief, legal nurse consultation is a valuable asset to the litigation team. 

R&G Medical Legal Solutions has an extensive team of certified legal nurse consultants, that are available around-the-clock, 24-7, to assist you with anything you need. We are agile, in that we can scale up or scale down the project workload to adapt to your needs as they change. Please give us a call today to see how legal nurse consulting at R&G can solve problems for you, dial 1-623-566-3333 or send us an email:

Use of Technology Distinguishes R&G

Historical Perspective for a Successful Legal Nurse Consulting Firm

R&G Medical Consultants was founded in February of 1992 by Rosie Oldham, BS, RN, LNCC. Her background in Nursing Administration, Risk Management and Quality Improvement was extremely valuable in the startup of this legal nurse consulting firm.

R&G’s first cases were personal injury and in December of 1992, the firm began working on product liability cases (resulting in completion of over 750 cases). This led to staff expansion and the use of 32 nursing contractors. During this project R&G   implemented total quality management procedures. Peer review of work products led to a successful 100% deficiency free submission of claims. From 1994 to 1996, R&G processed over 450 toxic tort cases (water contamination) for the defendants. This successful project required our nurses to input medical information into a statistical data base for our clients. In 1997, R&G began focusing on complex Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury cases. Rosie Oldham,  CEO, also self-published the Medical Legal Internet Directory which contained over 3000 web sites for medical legal research. This directory was published in 2nd and 3rd (on CD) edition by Lawyers and Judges and contains over 5000 web sites. The MLID has been heralded as a great research tool for medical and legal case issues and is sold internationally.

In 1998, one of R&G’s goals was to solidify our position as “the technical leading” legal nurse consulting firm in the United States. At that time, our client base extended across 23 states and into Canada and Israel. The service areas of the firm were expanded to include graphics and illustrations  in our work products that were ultimately used as demonstrative evidence. Merit Screens were streamlined and are now offered for a flat fee. In addition, new software was added to our information systems to track cases, provide conflict checks and expert witness data management. In 1999, we to acquired equipment (laptops/projectors), software, and trained our “technical nurse consultants” adding a new service of technical trial support and settlement consulting services. Utilizing computerized demonstrative evidence, videos and synchronized depositions, we have successfully settled many cases in AZ, NM and NV. The integration of legal nurse consultants providing technical support culminated in our November, 2001, 18 million dollar verdict for a personal injury case in Nevada.

Since January, 2002, R&G began providing services on   large product liability mass tort and has over 140 RNs working on this defense pharmaceutical project. The successful thirteen year growth and expansion for R & G is a direct outcome of our team approach  in 43 states with great attorney clients. The caliber of our staff is educationally beyond the norm (MS, NP, PhD, JD, and MD’s) and directly contributes to our continuing success. Our clients love our “can do” attitude!